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  1. does indeed seem to work (once install and run, no updates currently needed/available -- hopefully will still be fine even after an update is needed and applied). Appears from the changelog that issue was a conflict with mcafee.
  2. I am having this "VirusTrigger2.1.lnk" issue as detailed above as well (on win 7, 64-bit using SAS 4.41.1000 with core 5363, trace 3175). Problem has not been fixed by latest built -- at least on my laptop -- and an uninstall/clean install fixes it UNTIL I update the definitions using the button in the program's control center. I can run a scan as many times as I want with no issue but once I do that update the next scan locks up on the non-existent file (can not be located in folder, even suing administrator account with all files visible, nor does any such entry appear in a search of the registry keys, values and data. After playing with this for several hours, it seems to me ethe issue is with the control center's updating function.
  3. I have same problem, etc. as Kim. Win 7 64-bit. SAS works until do an update (using button in Control Center -- haven't yet tried a manual update of definitions). Since part of install is to check for updates, which I let it do and I end up with the most current core and trace as shown on website, if we assume that the program does in fact update the definition files as part of the install, then sounds like there is a problem with the updating through the program's control center????
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