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  1. I just checked my copy of the same file in Thunderbird. SuperAntiSpyware says it is okay. This is with core: 9141 trace: 6953 I think you can reinstall SuperAntiSpyware. However, you might want to check that same file with some other anti-malware scanners such as Malwarebytes or even your antivirus program (assuming you have one).
  2. Since the release of version 5, I found one thing I thought I should mention. It is not a problem with SAS, but it affects SAS. SAS ver 5.x has settings for managing the log files and those are good. To me, this is the preferred way that the log files should be controlled, i.e. by the software that creates them. However, if you use an a clean-up program such as CCleaner, you should be aware that, by default, SuperAntiSpyware is checked as a program for which CCleaner will remove the log files. If you want to allow SAS to manage its log files, you need to uncheck this in CCleaner's Applications panel. There may be other cleanup applications that will do something similar unless configured otherwise. It was a minor issue for me, but I realized what was happening after noticing that the scan logs would disappear for no apparent reason. It was just my finger on the mouse that was responsible, so to speak.
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