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  1. I dug through the forums and saw a few posts about this, but nothing specific to the behavior I'm experiencing: I'm running WinXP SP3 with all current windows updates, and SuperAntiSpyware Program Version 4.41.1000; Definitions Core:5315, Trace:3127. I am also running current and updated McAfee "Total Protection" which includes the firewall. I also recently received the "Disabled.SecurityCenterOption" threats displayed after a full scan. It cited both the Antivirus and Firewall Security Center notifier registry entries. I immediately came here and saw some threads, including this one. I went back and checked my Security Center, and the Firewall and Antivirus were turned on (including Windows Firewall). Automatic updates were set to automatically download, but to check with me before installing them. I changed that setting to be fully automated, restarted my system, reran the SuperAntiSpyware scan, and unlike the other posts I've read here, had the exact same threats result. I am now concerned that something very stealthy could be messing with my system. Aside from the persistent SuperAntiSpyware scan result for the 2 threats concerning "Disabled.SecurityCenterOption", everything on my system seems to be okay, and Mcafee detects no problems after a full scan. This of course does not mean everything is okay....... Any suggestions how to proceed? I have not yet asked SpuerAntiSpyware to do anything at all with the "threats", out of concern that the "Disabled.SecurityCenterOption" may possibly be a required Mcafee setting??? Regards.
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