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  1. First of all, I apologize if I have opened this thread in the wrong place. I wasn't quite sure where to lodge this enquiry. I was just wondering something. I've been using SAS Pro for about a year now, couldn't be happier with the product. I was just wondering if SuperAntiSpyware is looking to become SuperAntiVirus and/or SuperInternetSecurity. I'd certainly buy both if they were to come available. I like that SAS doesn't bog down my system even with real-time protection enabled. Seeing a Antivirus and/or Internet Security follow the same quality would be magnificent : ) Don't get me wrong, I love the combination of both SAS Pro and Eset Smart Security as frankly they kickass and neither bog down my system but I was just wondering. I apologize if I've missed any threads or announcements regarding this. Thank you Kind regards, James.D
  2. I'm not new to these forums, however I've made a new account and this is my first post I may have brought this up in the past however I can't remember as I've been inactive on the forums for quite some time. Dear all, I've been using SuperAntiSpyware for about a year now (Give or take!) and frankly it's top protection among my other protection software. I've been noticing for a while now (Haven't really cared) that SUPERAntiSpyware doesn't have an implemented "Minimize to system tray" feature when scanning. I can't say I'm deterred without this feature but I believe it could be an important possibly vital feature. I'm unsure to whether this suggestion has been forwarded prior to my submission. Just my two cents worth Thank you Enjoy your day.
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