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  1. OK, I saw it over at Calendarofupdates.com http://www.calendarofupdates.com/updates/index.php?app=calendar&module=calendar&cal_id=1&do=showevent&event_id=85197 ..
  2. My updater was just run manually, It wants to put a new version on the machine. Where is there an announcement about this new version?
  3. Running ESET NOD 32 right now on my X64 Machine. It runs real well right along side SAS Pro.
  4. Is that a single copy of Acronis or one that is a three user license? Because that license installer could act like a piece of malware; And that would be a call made by the scanner to protect you but it would be a false positive.
  5. It Is that way on my Lifetime license on W7X64 PRO. Congratulations on your new build with W7x64 on it. You're really going to like it. LOL... Now go get 8GB of memory ...LOL...
  6. jwsrcp; If you're using the Firefox Browser you can configure it to delete all the cookies at shutdown. You can use the free CCleaner from Piriform to save the cookies that you do not want removed in the cookie safe in CCleaner. Try it, If you want more controls then you can get the free tool LastPass and use it to keep all logons and passwords and it is safe to use. There is more than one way to skin the cat as referred to cookies.
  7. Ok, I guess it will have to stay there because when I read your reply to the OP, I just had to try the Alternate Start for myself and it is a very Good Feature that he included in his Application. That was a Smart Move,Tom. It launched and apparently closed the one that runs at Start-up on my machine here. So,I studied it for a while. He should call it, " Stealth Mode Start-up "..
  8. OK,Madelin, I came back to post the issue is resolved. When you check in Firefox> Tools> options> privacy> and you select in Settings for what to clear when Firefox closes; The one item "site preferences" that will cause the issue. Deselect that item and it fixes it.
  9. I'm beginning to believe it is related to the browser plug in for Firefox called NoScript and I don't even know why I'm feeling it is. ..
  10. Thank you, something sure is on this machine, And I can't find anything with scans...????
  11. I had some items that were enabled in protections, disabled in Firefox v.3.6.12, Then one of the updates just today made a difference and the items were not being disabled. Just a bit ago I checked and they were disabled again after an update from SAS. SAS 4.45.1000 core 5831 trace 3643 current. SpywareBlaster 4.4 13,946 items in database.
  12. Ol'Bud

    Flash Cookies

    I just told him about that upthread because I run all the cleaning tools before I scan the machine for MalWare. I hope you understand.
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