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  1. My computer has recently been contracted with, what i believe to be, some form of spyware. I've had many problems trying to run anything in internet explorer. For example when i do a search on google and click a link, 90% of the time i will be redirected to some random site or it will simply say that the link is broken. Ironically, this happens mostly when i do antispyware-related searches. Could it be that the spyware is making sure i cannot get rid of it by blocking those sites? Anyways, when it was recommended to me that i try using SAS i thought i'd download it and give it a try. This seemed like it should be simple, but i have been unsuccessful in downloading it after NUMEROUS tries. I've been attempting to download the 'free edition' but everytime i get to the page that says "downloading program" it quickly navigates away and comes up with "Oops! Internet Explorer could not find downloads.superantispyware.com" i'm not exactly sure what to do, or how to obtain the program, i've tried downloading it on another computer and transferring it over to my computer with a flash drive, but nothing seems to work. any suggestions?
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