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  1. Hello: I have more information on the problem if it actually is a problem. I ran CCleaner, restarted the pc, then ran downloads and scans for my other anti-malware software. All was normal. I then did a custom scan with SAS and it detected only 13 items; I restarted the pc and did a quick scan with SAS that now detected nothing. I am guessing a restart or CCleaner deleted old cookies that SAS was detecting and the pc may be now back to normal. The so called false positives were normal cookies from what I could see. Thank you! Mike-S
  2. I have downloaded Superantispyware twice in recent days; the first time I had 203 detections; the second time (last night) I had 224 detections most of which I believe to be false positives. I terminated the process and deleted nothing. Is this a known problem that is going to be fixed at some point. I have discontinued using the software. Thank you! Mike-S
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