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  1. Got the icon back,with some help. Just had to create desktop shortcut. SAS did end up deleting the trojan message. Whatever it was,seems logical it did mess with that icon. Ran complete scan twice. Came up clean. No problems anywhere.
  2. Yes,here's exactly what i got. C:\PROGRAM FILES(X86)\ADOBE\ACROBAT_COM\ACROBAT_COM.EXE Also got C:\PROGRAMDATA\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\STARTMENU\PROGRAMS\ACROBAT_COM.LNK That's why, i don't have the ACROBAT ICON on my DESKTOP! Reboot doesn't help. But ACROBAT is listed under Programs. This doesn't look good to me. If it's not a False Positive,SAS does not remove(delete) it. Keeps showing up on the scans. Prevx,Avast,and Malwarebytes,found nothing. I'm definitely worried now. Especially since I'm a newbie.
  3. Hi all. Sorry i wrote a 'reply' to this topic,rather than a new post. Newbie to the forum. And i am not very computer savy. Could this possibly not,be a SAS false positive? Browsing around i read some comments, that this Trojan can cause problems and should be removed. Strange after running SAS and rebooted,one of my Adobe Reader desktop icons disappeared? Worried.
  4. Hi. I ran SAS tonight and got the same exact trojan. Never got it before. System wise,everything seems fine. I assume it is a false positive. I told SAS to delete it. But when i run SAS again,it's still there. Is this really a false positive? I am getting worried. Excuse my ignorance here. I am a newbie. Thanks.
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