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  1. Hello! I have that same problem with this entry and SAS Whenever i run a scan (quick or complete); SAS gets stuck on "C:\users\**\AppData\roaming\microsoft\internet explorer\quick launch\virus trigger 2. 1.lnk" and just stops working I use version 4.40.1002 and have updated the spyware definitions However, I found a workaround. Uninstalling SAS and reinstalling it makes it work ONCE. It runs a quick or complete scan without crashing and does not detect the file "virus trigger 2. 1.lnk" as a threat. After working once, if I try to run a scan again it crashes again I've looked into the folder, (using see hidden files and such) and there is not such a file in there... That being said, I had i little issue with a trojan a week ago or so, but I ran my antivirus and antispyware and they say I'm all clear now... My other software don't detect threats so I'm at ease now, but it bothers me that SAS crashes into that file...
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