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  1. Hi Seth Yes, Mcafee Security Centre does have firewall and it say's only use one firewall because 2 or more can cause conflict between each other and that is why i disabled the windows firewall. But doing my latest Super-antispyware scan the 2 registry errors no longer show up and i'm at the moment having no trouble running the two firewalls. So many thanks to you for your help.
  2. Hi Seth. Thank you for your reply to my post, firstly i am also running Mcafee Security Centre and have done so for a few years now without problems. I have gone into the Control Panel and windows Security and my windows firewall is Disabled and has been for a very long time due to conflict with Macfee Security Centre. I have now enabled the windows security firewall and will let you know, but my previous settings had been ok in the past so i don't know why these errors have suddenly appeared. I am running Windows XP. and again thanks for your reply.
  3. Hi Guys Firstly hello to everyone on this forum this is my first post and i'm glad to be part of it. Everytime i do a scan using Super antispyware a get 2 registry threats detected, and they read Disabled.securitycentreoption. Having them each time removed they keep coming back after next scan. Can anyone tell me what they mean and ways of them not showing up in future scans. thanks
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