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  1. I have had this problem previously on a brand new machine running windows 7 professional. When scanning in safe mode nothing was picked up. I uninstalled and then installed 4.41.1000. Worked fine for a while and then immediately after an update the same problem started occurring. I use McAfee Total Protection: this picked nothing up either in normal or safe mode. I have also run a test with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: picked up nothing in either safe or normal mode. I have just updated SAS and run a test in safe mode - still picked nothing up. My previous machine is on the same network and I am constantly moving items between the two machines. My previous machine is Vista. It is not having this problem. Do you think it is something to do with Windows 7? (I have not been using SAS recently ... ooops ... as I just haven't the time to keep uninstalling and re-installing)
  2. Okay. Thank you very much. Will look into it.
  3. I don't think my automatic update is working as it did in the previous version. This is not a great problem as I update manually during the day. Just wondering if it doesn't because it is a pre-release or ...? Thank you.
  4. Correct: the "Complete Scan using pre-release SAS V4.41.1000 found no infections" I ran scans again today - in normal mode and safe mode and no infections were found. Unfortunately I was not successful in running the BitDefender on line scanner. However, between the 3 "protections" I am using I am going to have to trust them and get on with some work. Thanks so much for all your help. Much appreciated.
  5. Thank you so much. That has all worked and I have successfully uninstalled v4.40.1002 and installed SAS PRO V4.41.1000. I am no longer "bombing out" on the "virus trigger 2.1.ink thing" when scanning in normal mode. May I take advantage of your kindness and ask your opinion ... Having installed this version and performing a full scan in normal mode no items were detected. This concerns me slightly as - I feel surely some spyware or such like (not necessarily real nasties) should be detected? - I don't know what happened to the "Virus trigger 2.1.ink thing" that the v4.40 was bombing out on. I use - windows 7 - McAfee Total Protection and SpywareBlaster as well as SAS pro. Am I just being neurotic? Thank you for you time. Much appreciated.
  6. I am currently running the 4.40.1002 version and since installing on my new machine having problems with scanning in normal mode. Tried going to download 4.41.1000 using the link hoping this would sort out my problem. Sorry, really thick, but where do I find it as I seem to be able to find only the version I am already using. Thanks very much.
  7. I have installed SAS on a new computer, Windows 7, and have been battling with the exact same problem for a week now. Found that it does not "bomb out" at all when running in safe mode nor does it detect any "undesirables". Would really appreciate information from anyone who has succeeded in sorting this problem out. Thank you.
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