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  1. hi all, i have been running superantispyware professional for a long time and was confident i was safe from spyware, malware etc. online. however, yesterday, the malware/spyware named avsuite got a hold of my system and i just managed to remove it. my internet browsers would not work, my computer was very slow and stupid pop-ups were being displayed on my screen every second. very frustrating. I was on the verge of reformatting my entire pc. the malware was removed i scanned my computer with supeantispyware itself, but why was this malware not stopped before it took hold of my system? real time protection is enabled. however, first chance prevention is not, as i have always assumed that it would slow down my computer at startup or shut down, i have never tried it myself, am i wrong? is it important? is it vital? does it slow down my pc? is this why avsuite was not stopped initially? thanks,
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