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  1. Hello, earlier today I was on a website and got a dialog box. AV8 has found issues and will repair your system. I did not hit ok. I just rebooted. I am getting no pop ups or other strange issues as of yet. I am in the process of running a complete scan with SAS professional. Will SAS find and remove this if it exists? I no longer use malwarebytes. I have moved to SAS. Thank you
  2. Thank you both. I was able to update without reinstalling using Seth's solution Thank you for the quick response Happy Holidays
  3. Hi all. When I get the update notification in the task bar and attempt to install the updates. I get a dialog "must be run from an account with administrator privileges. I am in the administrator group. Did not receive the message on my xp system Any help appriciated
  4. Aaahaaa. and thank you for the answer. ehhmm I bought the system with 8gb installed..!!! Thanks again
  5. Hello all. I just brought home a brand new built tower from a local shop. I have Vipre running along side SAS professional as I did on my old xp machine. First question. Do these 2 products still play well together on win7 64 bit as they did in xp? Second question First chance prevention has the check marks all on, but grayed out. I understand that this feature is not available in windows 7 however it looks like the feature is locked on, not off. Can someone respond if the check marks are in the boxes but grayed out normally? Thanks Kevin
  6. Thanks for the reply Seth. I see your point on the log. It would be nice to have it as an option. I am glad it is being considered.
  7. Hello, I have added your pro version to my defenses along with NIS2010 and MBAM paid version. I run MBAM as an on demand scanner with flash scans running automatically after each successful definition update. MBAM will terminate automatically after each successful run and place an entry into the log file. I am currently running SAS pro real time protection next to NIS and it has been working well so far. I am also running a scheduled quick scan weekly. Is there an option to run your product and have it close on completion if no issues are found? If not, this would be a welcome addition to what seems so far to be a fine product. Thank you
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