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  1. where are my support tickets

  2. Hi Guys, Been a while and think my computer has a botnet. I have SAS Pro version and up to date. Here are the symptoms and what I have done: 1. In February the computer acted slow when on the Net [like on dail-up]. I have WaveBroadband Cable. Called them, they came out and installed a new router. No change. Would reboot router & modem, no change [sometimes worked but infrequently]. I used their High Speed Internet Tester and the "pings" have reached as high as 3000+ and as little as in the teens. The safe range is below 70. 2. Had wireless network connection [two computes and the one directly connected to the modem is 10 years old and NEVER has ping problems: ave. 35 pings]. Mine is relatively new & fast and never had problems before. 3. Disconnected wi-fi and now have LAN ethernet connection. No change. 4. One thing I have noticed is when I first get on the computer and the Net, no problem. Pings are low & computer is fast. After about 2 hrs. or less the "dial-up" [metaphor] slowness starts. 5. Installed latest drivers for integrated network card [Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller]. Haven't changed anything in BIOS regarding the controller.. 6. In the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller properties card [control panel] I changed the "speed & duplex from "auto Negotiation" to "1.0 Gbps Full Duplex" and got positive results for a few hours. Bottom line, everything everyone has advised me to do or change, I have done. Now I think maybe a botnet might be on the computer because of the inconsistency in speed. Like I said, after a while it begins to slow up. Even used Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool. Found nothing. Oh, OS = XP SP 3 [ya, I will get Windows 7 soon]. BUT, the problem stared in February not since the support termination of XP. Can anyone please help me here, this really has me and a few others baffled. Hope I included all the info you need. Thanks again in advance, Ellen
  3. Cricky Croc from Webkinz says HI to all SAS members!!!!

  4. Hi everyone, When a friend's computer boots, she gets the message that nfwin.dll" can't be found and it comes from a Rundll error message. Anyone know anything about this and what it means? Thanks as always, Ellen
  5. Hi Guys, LOVE SAS, it comes to the rescue EVERY time!!



  6. Hi Guys, Been a long time so my membership had to be renewed. Anyway . . . A friend's AOL email addy has been hacked. I want to included the full header in case anyone knows of or has experienced this. Here's the full header from the email I received from her aol account: From - Sun Jul 11 12:52:29 2010 X-Account-Key: account2 X-UIDL: B0482544824.MSG X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 X-Mozilla-Keys: X-MSK: FRND Return-path: <Pathfindernorth@aol.com> Received: from securemail.lanset.com (unverified []) by mail2.hostik.net (Vircom SMTPRS 5.1.202) with ESMTP id <B0482544824@mail2.hostik.net> for <bowzerbird@lanset.com>; Sun, 11 Jul 2010 10:23:24 -0700 Received: from imr-db02.mx.aol.com (imr-db02.mx.aol.com []) by securemail.lanset.com (securemail.lanset.com []) envelope-from <Pathfindernorth@aol.com> with ESMTP id m6AALO1148360277vK ret-id none; Sun, 11 Jul 2010 10:21:35 -0700 Received: from imo-ma04.mx.aol.com (imo-ma04.mx.aol.com []) by imr-db02.mx.aol.com (8.14.1/8.14.1) with ESMTP id o6BHLBYe012136; Sun, 11 Jul 2010 13:21:11 -0400 Received: from Pathfindernorth@aol.com by imo-ma04.mx.aol.com (mail_out_v42.9.) id r.d07.74317ed9 (34944); Sun, 11 Jul 2010 13:21:06 -0400 (EDT) Received: from smtprly-de03.mx.aol.com (smtprly-de03.mx.aol.com []) by cia-da05.mx.aol.com (v129.4) with ESMTP id MAILCIADA055-b28a4c39fd80254; Sun, 11 Jul 2010 13:21:06 -0400 Received: from webmail-d014 (webmail-d014.sim.aol.com []) by smtprly-de03.mx.aol.com (v129.4) with ESMTP id MAILSMTPRLYDE038-b28a4c39fd80254; Sun, 11 Jul 2010 13:21:04 -0400 To: bowzerbird@lanset.com, bowzerbird@wavecable.com, ccarc@olyham.net, w7wec@yahoo.com Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Subject: [sPAM] Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 13:21:04 -0400 X-MB-Message-Source: WebUI X-AOL-IP: X-MB-Message-Type: User MIME-Version: 1.0 From: pathfindernorth@aol.com Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" X-Mailer: AOL Webmail 32213-MOBILE Received: from by webmail-d014.sysops.aol.com ( with HTTP (WebMailUI); Sun, 11 Jul 2010 13:21:04 -0400 Message-Id: <8CCEF3493CFDADE-1E6C-1185C@webmail-d014.sysops.aol.com> X-AOL-SENDER: Pathfindernorth@aol.com X-smtpf-Report: sid=m6AALO114836027700; tid=m6AALO1148360277vK; client=grey,ipv6; mail=; rcpt=; nrcpt=1:0; fails=0 Received-SPF: None; receiver=securemail.lanset.com; client-ip=; helo=<imr-db02.mx.aol.com> Received-SPF: Pass; receiver=securemail.lanset.com; client-ip=; envelope-from=<Pathfindernorth@aol.com> X-Spam-Report: YES X-Spam-Status: YES, score=5.10 required=5.00 X-Spam-Level: xxxxx Precedence: bulk Status: RO X-UIDL: B0482544824.MSG http://lake1004.com/home.php She hasn't completely dropped aol: has kept the "screen name" and can still send email. She uses Thunderbird to send from her aol account. She thought the problem was solved when she deleted all the entries from her addressbook FROM aol.com itself. And yes, it did appear to temporarily solve the problem. But today, I received 3 emails from her aol account [she does have another account with a local ISP she is using and apologizing to others who have received the bogus emails from :oops: ]. I included the header from just one of the emails. Hope this is enough info for you. If you need more, let me know. I traced the email addy and it's from Brazil, from virtua@virtua.com.br The IP addy: at LACNIC If anyone can help, please HELP!! Wondering if she completely drops the aol account, can these hairballs still send from an aol account that no longer exists? I know they can "mask" her email addy so it appears to come from her but if the address no longer exists, how can they do that OR can they once it's been deleted. Does aol somehow have the address STILL in their database? I don't know what or how to even ask questions to help her resolve this. So, if you can please help. Trust me, it will be appreciated by me, her and all the folks getting VERY irritated with her!! Thanks SOOO much, Ellen
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