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    . . helow ! ! im a newbie here and thanks GOD i found this site. . hope you can help me two. . anyway my problem is i have a trojan horses on my HP laptop (it is windows7 starter) NORTON detect it. . it was on the file: C:\copy and paste\forgotten riddles the mayan princess\forgottenriddles_v113.exe ,, file: C:\copy and paste\forgotten riddles the mayan princess\forgottenriddles_v113.exe.back and file C:\copy and paste\hidden expedition titanic\hidexptitanic.exe.bak.. i click the fix button on my norton and then it said it was fixed.. the next day i did full system scan again, norton detect 9 security risk including this file eclwch11.exe [cointained in]C:\user\shylle\desktop\games\war\chess.rar and eclwch11.exe [cointained in] F:\user\shylle\desktop\games\war\chess.rar. . norton said all of this is now in the Quarantin..and then after that i scan again my laptop and it is no viruses found.. did i already permanently remove this viruses?? or it is just temporary gone? i temporary disable my norton and install another antivir the AVG antivirus for me to be sure that im virus free but my avg detect another virus on C:\user\shylle\desktop\games\kittycat.exe F:\games\kittycat.exe F:\newfolder(2)\games\kittycat.exe according to avg it is TROJAN HORSE dropper generic BNDY. . PLEASE HELP ME!! what should i do to permanently remove this trojan horses? other said i need to disable my system restore first and then restart my computer and press f8 go to safemode and so on. . . others said i need to reformat my laptop . . im so confused and i dont know what to do . . thank you in advance . .
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