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  1. Thank you for the prompt reply. I found a reinstall and reboot immediately afterwards did the trick! Thanks again.
  2. I've just downloaded and ran the freeware version of SAS. What's puzzling me is that although I've been careful to only choose to scan my hard drive, it keeps stopping with a message saying that my D:\ drive is emtpy and to put a disc in it. I stopped the scan, started again making sure that only C: was ticked, but the same thing happened again. As it's the first time I've used this, I chose a full scan - I don't want to have to sit for however long it takes just to keep clicking 'cancel' on this message to make the scan continue. If this has been mentioned elsewhere in the forum please point it out to me, I did look through but couldn't spot any other threads about this problem. When I downloaded the program, the first thing I did was update so I'm not running an old version. Any advice or suggestions would be welcome please.
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