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  1. Hi again Gave the last info re the pre-release V4.41 a go and it worked once but crashed after I updated the software yesterday. I contacted support back when I first posted but haven't heard back yet.
  2. Ran a scan on my desktop last night only to find that the program crashed there as well due to the same Virus Trigger 2.1Ink in the same location. On the laptop I followed the advice from Siliconman and upon rescanning nothing was picked up. What I don't understand is that nothing really changed. Before uninstalling I was already running 4.40.1002 with latest updates, etc... and after re-installing I was running it again. Shouldn't it have still picked it up (but this time prompted me to deal with it)? As for finding the actual file, I've tried to show files through both folder options and regedit; the file doesn't show up in that location through either method. Any more advice or thoughts?
  3. I have run into the exact same problem on a computer that is less than a day old! Before I do anything I want to double check to make sure that I should manually delete the Virus Trigger2.1 Ink file that is IE quick launch. Thanks.
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