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    SAS + MBAM

  2. detsi

    SAS + MBAM

    I have MSE as my real time protection and MBAM as a back-up. I would like to include SAS free also. Would there be any conflict ?
  3. detsi

    unwanted web page

    Thanks for the advice. I now await the results of the diagnostic report.
  4. detsi

    unwanted web page

    When I close down after using the internet often there is a web page remaining from a site I have not been on. It is a sort of pop-up advertising on-line gambling. Is it malware? nothing is showing on a routine scan.
  5. detsi

    SAS + MSE

    OK! Thanks.
  6. detsi

    SAS + MSE

    Would there be any conflict if I ran a scan using Microsoft Security Essentials and SuperAnti-Spyware simultaniuosly?
  7. detsi

    SAS or SAS Portable

    I am using MSE as my AV but I would like to have an extra reassurance. I have been told that more than one AV can cause some conflict but an on demand scanner would be OK. Would I be better using SAS Portable along side MSE or could I just use SAS? I have Windows Vista Home Premium and I use Firefox 3.6 as my browser.