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  1. thx for your reply. Honestly----I needed to do a full image restore to get my system back. The bug was extreme---it prevented safe mode, it prevented getting into task mahager or the run command--it locked all progrmas from running. So I ask again---will this paid program catch these rogue antivirus programs BEFORE they load or not? Or--can the program be run from a cd at boot and before windows loads? thx again
  2. Hello: Just finished over a 5 hour escapade getting my system back from a fake antivirus malware that crippled my system. I could not run any antivirus program (I have Norton completely updated), get into task manager, etc. Currently running free superantispyware--Could not load that either! My Question: Will the prof. version stop this stuff before it loads (real time blocking)? If no: Does anyone in here know a way to stop it in its tracks before it loads?
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