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  1. Tried that too, didn't work, the only solution I found was to formate.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I've heard only good things about SaS and will be trying it again. I just wish I know what caused this.
  3. It still not working even with CTRL - c/v. I suspect is some kind of malware like what was suggested. I guess SupperAntiSpyware didn't catch what ever it is. Anyway, I'm just formating and re installing. That should fix it. Thanks for the help all.
  4. Yes it is checked, when I grab say 4 or 5 folders to move to a new folder, only one is pasted, but the content of the folder is now blank, it won't let me move anything.
  5. I decided to try out Super anti spyware, while it seems to work great I am now having a problem doing anything on my system. I want to copy and past files from one folder to the next and nothing happens, when it does't the folder is blank? I can't even move each file out of the folder now!!! Help I tried to unistall the program, but I get the same warning when I try and cut and paste,so it's like SAS is still on the computer. any help would be great?
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