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  1. Thanks for the reply. That was simple!
  2. I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem with a program. I've been told to disable all firewalls and AV programs temporarily. how do I do this with superantispyware?
  3. i'm running windows 7 home preimum 64 bit, firefox 20.0.01, and sas 5.6.1014. when i last scanned, sas found 254 tracking cookies. it removed about half of them and quarantined the rest. When i open mamage quarantine i see a blank screen. i thought the cookies would be there. what am i missing? thanks. Jim B.
  4. AVG can do it. Even has a setting for it.
  5. What settings do I have to change to get SAS to run while my computer is in sleep mode? I scheduled it to scan at 1 AM this morning and it didn't start until I "woke" up my system by moving the mouse. Thanks, Jim
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