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  1. Just thought I'd join in as well, as at the moment I have to reboot my Laptop(have xp, using Avast, SAS, MABM.)twice before I can axcess the internet. After reading your replies I too am wondering whether my suspicions re SAS could be a cause. I get told that -FAT32 with volume serial no 1568-13FD is the problem(can't remember their words, but the second time round the computer does the windows boot scan with above info. Once finished everything comes up ok, and I can go ahead. I use a wireless 3G modem. Everything comes up clear re viruses so have been wondering about corruption, The SAS is set up to check everything before I can go ahead, which is becoming a pain at present. Should I uninstall SAS and reinstall it again? Any Ideas? would be a great help. Thanks AL
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