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  1. Hi Guys, Just a quick progress report. I tried a few of the things mentioned here but couldn't realy do anything as I couldn't access the bios menu. The upshot is I bought and installed a new motherboard and everything is now hunky dory. I uninstalled SAS as a precaution as I don't believe in coincidences but who knows. It might be interesting to see if anyone else has had similar experiences. Many thanks to all that have taken the time to reply and offer advice. MrRusty
  2. Ok guys, Thanks for your replies and suggestions. I'm going to try a few things before I end up buying a new motherboard and will update you when I have tried them. I'll check in to this thread later to see if anyone has added to it. Rusty
  3. Hi Keith, Thanks for your input but the the level of coincidence is to high to ignore that the software is a part of the problem. MrRusty
  4. Hi Seth, My PC is a custom build from Palicomp. I have a Windows XP Pro CD which wont run on boot up. My monitor doesn't display anything and I can't enter the bios to change the boot sequence. My keyboard light comes on when I switch the PC on and its a wired USB keyboard not wireless. Let me explain the sequence of events leading up to my PC not booting. I downloded and installed SAS from the SAS website. Once it had installed I started a scan. At some point during the scan the screen froze and I lost all control of the keyboard and mouse, I therefore couldn't get the task manager to load so I couldn't kill the SAS process so my only option was to power the PC to off. When I restarted the PC I could hear the hard drive spinning up, the CPU fan starting and the CD and I can hear the DVD ROM drives being checked by the distinctive double buzz sound. The power light is on and the hard drive light is on constantly not flashing as it would normally when the disc is being read or written to but the keyboard doesn't appear to respond and neither does my mouse and the monitor is blank. The monitor indicator light is normally yellow when on standby but it changes to green when the PC has been booted up but at the moment it remains yellow as if on standby. Rusty
  5. Thats like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted!! I have the same problem using Win xp sp3. My PC wont re-boot, I can't access the bios as my keyboard, mouse and monitor are unresponsive. I can hear the hard disc spinning up and also the cd/dvd drives being checked when I switch on but the boot sequence starts with the hdd so trying to boot from the cd drive doesn't work. Having "now guarded against this", do you have a cure/fix for the damage already caused? Rusty1
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