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  1. Naive question, but how do you transfer license before uninstallation, please? Isn't it just a matter of entering the key after reinstallation?
  2. Was this problem resolved? Mike, did you try to scan your PC with Malwarebytes or with Emsisoft's Emergency Kit to see if they could some something?
  3. I added my vote to the suggestion thread MetalShaun started to add this ability.
  4. Running both SAS and MBAM at the same time seems overkill to me. (and could lead to conflicts I'm afraid)
  5. Hi. Yes, of course, and it runs perfectly well! Kudos to the team! Thanks! Best regards, François
  6. Thanks. I had simply noticed the handles were beginning their steep increase during the registry scan. François
  7. Update: The engineer was finally able to reproduce the bug with my instructions, and a fix is on its way. Best regards, François
  8. Update: I discovered something a few minutes ago. DISABLING the KERNEL DIRECT REGISTRY ACCESS option under the control center scan options fixed the handles bug here. (this option is indicated as recommended) Can other people having the same bug confirm that this helps them too, please? Regards, François
  9. Update from my Support Ticket: I was told a senior developper was looking at this issue. Later, François
  10. Check the amount of handles after a scan. (a quick scan is enough here to show the bug) Thanks, François
  11. What's most important to check is the number of handles, not the RAM, which seems to be fine. Thanks for your input! Best regards, François
  12. Bug is back. Just created a support ticket (CSR00050927) and referenced this thread. Thanks again! Best regards, François
  13. Thanks. I'll uninstall 4.90 and reinstall 4.39 then. I'll let you know how it goes when it's done and did a few tests. Best regards, François
  14. Update: Yesterday night I downloaded the 4.90.1060 "beta", and the uninstall utility. It's running perfectly well now. Did threee scans in a row and the handles were okay. I don't know if it's the 4.90.1060 version or the uninstall that did the trick, but now it works! François
  15. Update: Did the uninstall, then rebooted and reinstalled. At first, the handles were at about 500. Fine. As soon as I updated and did a quick scan, they raised at around 20K again! I then did another quick scan, and the handles went to around 40K! Doing my third quick scan in a row, and the handles are now around 60K. There's a pattern here. Seems to be related with scans. I think the handles increase actually happens during the registry scan. My patience begins to fade now, and SAS' response is a bit thin so far. (with all due respect)
  16. 84428 handles this morning. I'll try the uninstall/install suggestion.
  17. I run AVAST free 5.0.545, by the way. What about the others who replied so far? Thanks again, François P.S. Presently at 63437 handles, and virtual memory at 178600K.
  18. Things are getting worse! This morning, the handles are now at 63447! I also noticed an increase in the virtual memory usage. Two days ago, after reboot, it was at 72548K. 12 hours later, it was at 90708K. 12 hours later, it was at 101140K. 24 hours later, it was at 139596K. 12 hours later, it's at 167988K. Seems to me there's something wrong going on with this release or something. Regards, François
  19. Growing. It's now at 42465! Between the two numbers, there was a scheduled scan (with update). (during the night) Thanks, François
  20. Hi. Running SAS real-time 4.39.1002 here. OS: XP Pro SP3. With task manager, I see SAS using 21474 handles right now This is way more than everything else running on my PC at the moment. (not much things) Is this normal? Thanks in advance, François
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