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  1. Naive question, but how do you transfer license before uninstallation, please? Isn't it just a matter of entering the key after reinstallation?
  2. Was this problem resolved? Mike, did you try to scan your PC with Malwarebytes or with Emsisoft's Emergency Kit to see if they could some something?
  3. I added my vote to the suggestion thread MetalShaun started to add this ability.
  4. Running both SAS and MBAM at the same time seems overkill to me. (and could lead to conflicts I'm afraid)
  5. Hi. Yes, of course, and it runs perfectly well! Kudos to the team! Thanks! Best regards, François
  6. Thanks. I had simply noticed the handles were beginning their steep increase during the registry scan. François
  7. Update: The engineer was finally able to reproduce the bug with my instructions, and a fix is on its way. Best regards, François
  8. Update: I discovered something a few minutes ago. DISABLING the KERNEL DIRECT REGISTRY ACCESS option under the control center scan options fixed the handles bug here. (this option is indicated as recommended) Can other people having the same bug confirm that this helps them too, please? Regards, François
  9. Update from my Support Ticket: I was told a senior developper was looking at this issue. Later, François
  10. Check the amount of handles after a scan. (a quick scan is enough here to show the bug) Thanks, François
  11. What's most important to check is the number of handles, not the RAM, which seems to be fine. Thanks for your input! Best regards, François
  12. Bug is back. Just created a support ticket (CSR00050927) and referenced this thread. Thanks again! Best regards, François
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