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  1. I was using Internet Explorer to do the online diagnostic, but I think my infection prevented it from working. I used Full/Complete scan with Avast!, Malwarebytes and FREE Super AntiSpyware. Avast was so I could get a free pre boot scan which I'd have to pay for with SAS, and I think I have a keylogger trojan "PWSteal"/"LDpinch" so I really don't wanna put my card details in right now. It stands to reason that if FREE SAS didn't solve my problem, PRO SAS won't solve it either. I have submitted a support request, but as FREE user I have lowest priority in the queue for support. I will try to put my case up on one of the sites you linked, although my browser often redirects me when I try to access any internet security sites.
  2. So glad I have access to this forum at last, my browser keeps getting hijacked so I wanted to submit a SAS log. Then I realised that it does it from the browser after I typed out my situation and copypasted my log, but the ActiveX just did nothing and came up with a red error message: There was a problem loading or running the the diagnostic program on your system. I have a hunch that it's the browser hijack causing this error, but I might be wrong? I have ActiveX enabled for other stuff anyway, but I'm using Vista not any of the OS listed... Thanks, Tim91
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