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  1. Same problem I had: https://forums.superantispyware.com/index.php?/topic/3839-huge-problem-w-438-win-7-x64-please-help/ You can fix your boot folder with your original win7 disc, there are many tutorials online FIX THIS GODDAMN PROBLEM ASAP before more people have to reinstall their whole systems
  2. I am glad this is being sorted out. I did have a corrupted area on the harddisk and it was fixed with chkdsk.
  3. Unfortunately, I have turned off system restore Although the damaage is done, I demand an apology if the issue is directly caused by the program itself
  4. After fixing the bootmgr problem, I found most of the tmp file in the sasuninst.files were deleted, which means I can't recover my programs considering most of the files gone, I may have to reinstall the whole windows Pic 1: It's the location of the sasuninst.files Pic 2: You can see most of my programs are gone (those without proper icons) Pic 3: The type of tmp created (The folder was 40GB full before rebooting, I could recognize some tmp were .exe of my program as I checked the file properties) This is spectacular as I didn't know installing a safe program can wipe out most of the Program Files
  5. Just found that sasuninst removed my boot files too, now I can't boot my computer as it said BOOTMGR is missing after powering on my computer. Please, just reply, any input is appreciated.
  6. Found that installing v4.38 deleted most of programs Here are the things I did: 1. Downloaded the latest v4.38 from the official website 2. Double clicked the program and saw a cleaning / corrupt recycle-bin pop-up, just like what this post described Recycle bin pop up 3. I clicked yes, installation did not continue, heard lots of noises from the HDD, so I chekced the task manager. 4. Found that sasuninst.exe running in the background (kinda strange because I have uninstalled all previous versions) 5. Kill the process and found almost half of my programs in Program Files and Program File X86 are gone 6. Found 40GB worth of .tmp in C:\sasuninst.files,which I believe are the programs Did sasunist.exe delete most of my programs? What should I do to restore those programs? Any help is very much appreciated
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