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  1. Hi Seth, the following options are checked: . Scan computer according to the following schedule . Auto quarentine and remove infected files . Check for definition updates before scanning . Scan daily at 2:00 AM All other options are unchecked.
  2. I have SAS scheduled to run at 2:00 AM every morning. For some reason, SAS stops with the screen showing the items it has quarentined and removed. I then have to click FINISH and CLOSE. It is not a problem, but I'm curious why SAS doesn't go to the normal end of job. I've attached a picture of my desktop as it appears most mornings. This doesn't happen every morning and I haven't quite figured out the pattern of when it does and when it does not perform in this manner.
  3. Hi, I just joined this group and posted one question.

  4. Hi, I have SAS Professional (4.38.1004) scheduled to run every morning around 3:00 AM. I noticed since the last update, it stops with the display on my desktop of the page titled 'SAS is now quarantining and removing the potentially harmful software detecte on your system.' It allows me to select FINISH and then CLOSE and all is fine. I've attached a screen shot of my desktop as it appears when I view my desktop after SAS has run. Anyone else experiencing this phenomena?
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