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  1. Followed all of those instructions. Windows XP was recognized. Files were loaded from CD. Came to end of process and reboot brought me right back to blinking cursor. A couple of extra things you should know here: The disc I'm using is the one that came with this laptop originally. It is XP home SP1a, but the operating system has since been updated to XP home SP3. Also, as I mentioned above, the original hard drive has been replaced by a new much larger one.
  2. Just went back to it and tried to reboot and got nothing again. Just a blinking cursor.
  3. The F8 key did nothing, and just beeped when I pressed it. Booted to CD, ran chkdsk, which, when complete, said it "found or fixed one of more errors on the volume" and reported 156288320kb disk space, with 114728568kb available. Now I am back at C:\Windows prompt. What should I do next? I should probably mention here that I believe that this computer has had its hard drive changed to something quite a bit larger than the original one. Could SAS have reset one or more settings back to that for the original disk for this model?
  4. I ran a Superantispyware scan on my Dell laptop (XP SP3), which was working fine but was a little slow. It found only tracking cookies, but when I rebooted I got only a flashing cursor (after the Dell BIOS screen). Windows won't load at all. I tried rebooting from the Windows CD, but it just started loading files until it got to sparrow.sys, which it says is corrupt. I don't want to lose everything on this computer. HELP!
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