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  1. Thanks for the welcome! I tried it one time today before going into safe mode, and lo and behold, it scanned the same way it always has - quickly and efficiently. Something odd just must have been going on yesterday. Either way, it seems to be back to normal now. (And just for the record, it is V4.38, and I check for updates before running it.) Who knows the way of the computer...thanks again, bye for now.
  2. Hey everyone. I've been using the free superantispyware for quite a long time now, and love it. I just had a random problem with it today, and was wondering if it was just because of an update or if it's a sign of something more serious. I ran a scan today of my computer using the 'quick scan' option. I did the same as I usually do - a few hours ago I had scanned with anti-virus, I did a quick scan a while before with Malwarebytes Anti-malware, and then I started this up. Usually a scan takes about 15/20 minutes. Today, it took an hour and twenty three. I noticed while it was scanning that it would hang on a file for a while, sometimes up to a minute, before scanning like usual for a bit, than hanging again. I thought it may be that it had been in hibernation earlier slowing it down, but the other scanners had not acted this way, nor had anything else been slower than usual. The computer started running slower after I scanned it, and I restarted it a little while later. For the record, all scans came back clean and found no virus, malware, spyware, or anything else to report. I will be scanning it with a full scan of Malwarebytes after posting here, just in case. Does anyone have any ideas what could have caused it to suddenly scan so differently from usual?
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