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  1. My repair tab is also remain blank after i do first repair on SAS Free.I'm using Windows 7 32-bit. Is it normal or not? And if it is a bug in installer, when it'll be fixed? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Sorry for delay Seth...i dunno if this i finded by "mistake" but it solved my problem. So,it was like this...hm.. Start-type "Edit"in a Search box-find "Edit group policy"-go to: "Administrative Templates"-"All Settings"-double click and find "Always install with elevated privileges"-right click-Edit-select "Enabled"-OK. After i install the new version of SAS succesfully i go back and select "Not Configured",as was before. And - it works! I have an admin.privileges ,however,but how come that i must elevate it to install SAS? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Thanks Seth - I'll try to install it from Safe Mode as you suggested. I'm using W7 32bit.If no hearing from me than it's O.K. However - if i come back than you're in trouble LoL- Thanks again! Update: Well, i try but still without success I have no infected files in my system.I perform a full scan of my PC with Kaspersky IS 2010 and old version of SAS - and nothing found. I was wondering - maybe the issue is in this,but i really dunno what the hell is going on Device Manager - View - Show hidden devices - Non-Plug and Play Drivers: I found 3 devices which is in correspondence with SAS Free Edition: All devices is working properly. SASDIFSV -Start Up Type - System SASENUM -Start Up Type - Demand SASKUTIL -Start Up Type - System SBKUPNT - this one start up automaticaly and it's in system 32 dir. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\SBKUPNT.SYS I'm not sure for this one?! Probably is not in relation to SAS. The question is: Should i delete them before i delete the old version of SAS? Sorry for bothering you but i just don't wanna another malware software except SAS.
  4. If someone could help with this i'll very much appreciate it. I have old version and want to upgrade to the new one - However, i simply can't?!I try everything...disable UAC,download SAS uninstaller, remove any possible leftovers in registry,disable and close my firewal and antivirus program. This is a screenshot of the problem. http://i48.tinypic.com/23ws4m0.jpg Thanks.
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