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  1. Latest update has hosed all 4 systems in my home. Two (2) systems had new 1 year subscriptions, the other two (2) had lifetime subscriptions. All four (4) now report that my "trial period" is about to expire. Running Professional version on all systems. I did a retrieval of my licenses and it reported 4, which is correct. However, it does not say which ones are lifetime and which ones are annual. I have already tried to place a reg number in the system with the lifetime, and it now reports it is good for another year. How do I find out which license is which. There is no verbage differentiating the different licenses. How do I replace the one that says 1 year with the correct lifetime license? This is really messed up!!!!! Someone please help. Is there another update coming that will fix this? All systems are XP Professional 32 bit.
  2. yeah, that was the first thing I looked at, but the date is correct and it changes. Really weird. I have put a trouble ticket in and hope someone responds soon. I ran a manual scan and the date reflects today's date as it should. I am going to try to do \manual update after a while to see that, it if updates, it changes the clock. Kind of like when I ran the manual scan. I have no problem removing then re-installing, as long as I can make sure it accepts my lifetime subscription. Any other ideas????
  3. I am running Superantispyware pro on 4 systems. On one of them, the system is XP Home. It has a Lifetime Subscription installed on it. On all 4 systems, the information is as follows: CORE 6161 TRACE 3973 VERS. 4.47.100 Date (as of today) 1/8/2011 HOWEVER.... On the system in question, the date is 12/16/2010. It shows that date for the latest update and for the date of last scan. If I do a manual update, it reports it is up to date, but the date remains 12/16/2010. Based on the CORE and TRACE numbers, it looks like it really is up to date. I don't understand why the actual date stopped changing. Can anyone help or have any ideas?
  4. k... at work so will check this evening. Where is the version info located? Is it on the main screen?
  5. Greetings, I have 4 pc's/laptops all running SAS Pro. Two have the lifetime and 2 have the one year (which I will be upgrading to lifetime when the year expires). Anyway, I am curious about something. Since the last update, it seems like I am now getting the "Updating" window when it does it's daily update check. Each system does a scheduled scan at 2 a.m. I do not recall ever seeing the update messages on the screens before, unless I initiated it manually. As a matter of fact, I found one of the laptops "hung" with a black rectangle where the update message would have been in the center of the screen. Has anyone else noticed this? Any ideas? I restarted the laptop and opened preferences, but did not see anything unusual. Thanks in advance for your help.
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