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  1. regarding the AntiVirusSoft removal, there is no easy way to forward you the logs, sorry, because the computer will not run/connect to the internet when rebooted, the AVS comes back again. The only thing that was shown in the event log was "ROGUE/ AntiVirus Soft" then it was checked, quarantined, and supposedly removed, BUT it reinstalls itself Thanks for trying! Have SAS on a FLASH DRIVE now, from other computer, but not sure how to get it to clean files and registries. All help is greatly appreciated!
  2. The version of the SAS is the free version, but it helped me in the past! It seems to scan, and then quarantine the rogue viruses, but after a shut down, and re-boot, they are right there again..... as a matter of fact, you can see a 'logo' for the filthy AntiVirus Soft coming up as when booting up, as well as the SAS (and Big Fix logo). I will buy one of the SAS versions, but it seemed before that there was a way to clean the machine for free. Possibly by using a flash drive? THANKS sir--- much appreciated! :)
  3. Using a small Gateway laptop, somehow picked up Anti Virus Soft-- again! About 2 or 3 months ago, SuperAnti Spyware helped me remove this beast.... would love to see it gone again! Ran a scan, both manually, and in "safe" mode-- both times, it showed Anti Virus Soft as a Rogue threat, and the one scan, it listed 28 "tracking cookies" as well This program has made things impossible, and has infiltrated Windows Internet Explorer; can't remember if there was a "magic trick" for removing this Rogue. and if so, what is it? PLEASE and THANK YOU! Can't use the computer as it is, and now, it "pop-ups" w/ ads for Viagra, and offers for buying their software to scan things...... HELP ME :0
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