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  1. Greetings, I also experienced this issue where Super Anti-Spyware was unable to update with the error message telling me that I had to run from an account with administrator rights. I am using windows seven 64 bit version. there is no options to run this program as the administrator which meant that the rights for the program had to be altered so it could run properly...So I went into the registry to see if I saw anything strange. I noticed that for some reason, Super Anti-Spyware installs on the system it is put in the permissions group RESTRICTED. A cursory glance into the rights of this group lets you know right away that the only permissions it has is “read.” Here is what I did which resolved the issue. Run Regedit (to check settings and make changes to your registry) - [hit start and type regedit into the box at the bottom of the menu…or if you’re using xp you’ll need to hit start and go to run and then type in regedit] Navigate to the following - HKEY_CURRENT_USER o Software From within the software folder scroll down the list of installed software programs until you find an entry for SUPERAntiSpyware o Right click on SUPERAntiSpyware o Highlight Permissions and then left click on it - Click on the advanced button near the bottom of the window on the right hand side o Un-check the box that states “include inheritable permissions from this object’s parents  A message will pop up giving you options at the bottom select add  Doing this allows you to access a setting which is important as you only want these changes to affect items in this folder. From here double click on the RESTRICTED group listed in the window…this will bring up a permissions entry window. *Note* I did not bother trying to fine tune this I don’t know which permissions can be left out so I ended up giving this one item full control…however…be sure to check the box at the bottom of this window which says:  Apply these permissions to objects and/or containers within this container only After doing this click okay out of the windows and close the registry and then Close and reopen super anti-spyware and it should be able to update now. *Note, that it seems you are only able to update withing the program itself, the message that pops up will continue to pop up and will continue to fail if you try to download and install the updates, but you should be able to within the program itself.* I hope that helps... He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying. ~Friedrich Nietzche ~Feel the burning cold!~ Torrid~Frost!
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