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  1. Whenever I uninstall SAS even by using SAS uninstallation assistant,it always leaves behind registry keys and values.Should I manually delete those leftovers if in case I need to perform a clean reinstallation?
  2. Please reply if you are hearing me.
  3. What I meant to ask is it better to perform a clean reinstall or installing the newer version over the top of the old one would do?
  4. Which procedure is recommended?
  5. Is it necessary to perform a clean install when installing a newer version of SAS or can the new version be installed on the top of the old one?
  6. Are there any specific antivirus programs that works best with SAS?If yes,what are those?
  7. Is there any realtime scanning involved by which SAS protects the home page of Internet-Explorer?
  8. Is it recommended to scan in normal mode after scanning in safe mode for complete scanning of all areas of windows,or scanning in safe mode is enough?
  9. Is it equally effective in 64 bit as it is in the 32 bit version or needs some fixes?
  10. Is there any known SAS Compatibility issue with 64 bit version of windows 7?
  11. SAS and similar products always claim to clean up everything except viruses.Why is it so that these products can deal with everything bar Viruses?Does virus removal requires a complete different engineering than it requires for all the other stuff?
  12. Back in the days SAS used to be probably the best when it came with dealing with Vundo and its variants.It rescued my machine many times saved me from reformatting.It used to clean up Vundo variants which other products failed even to detect.I recently heard that vundo now a days uses rootkit technology added to its already hard to detect nature.Is SAS still that much effective against Vundo?
  13. Thanks a lot for clearing up the issue,just wanna tell SAS free edition is my favourite on demand scanner and planning to re-install it cause I reformatted my pc couple of days ago alongside MSE hence posted this article.Keep up the great work.
  14. If you read the second Greginmich reply carefully,even he acknowledges that the homepage hijack protection can cause compatibility problems.Whats your say on that?Since the article was a microsoft security essentials related one can it be a MSE specific issue?
  15. You can find it here-http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/msestart/thread/bf78f11c-169c-47b8-80d4-24cd27f50d42/#ca176747-a879-4a18-a25b-104b38425c87
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