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  1. P.S.: How can I upload a file (to virustotal.com) when I don't know where and what it is? As I described, I saw "USERINI.EXE" running in my TASK MANAGER for a short while yet I was unable to "catch it" or "close it" nor "find it" in my PC. So how can I upload something that I don't have? Thank you.
  2. Sorry, what exactly should I do? I already ran a search for "userini" and "userini.exe" on my computer. I also ran full scan with SAS to no avail. Then I ran a full scan with Avast and it found a virus, but not named as "userini.exe". It is called "CheckModel2.exe" (last changed 2-10-2003) and is now residing in the "Virus Chest" of Avast.
  3. Looking at my computer's Task Manager I saw USERINI.EXE for a short while and I found this page on the web: https://www.superantispyware.com/malwarefiles/USERINI.EXE.html Also many other pages noted the need for immediate removal of USERINI.EXE. So I launched SuperAntiSpyware and did a thorough full scan after updating the software. It found adware cookies and that is all. It did not detect USERINI.EXE Perhaps SAS engineers can comment on this? Thank you.
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