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  1. Hi There, I’m running SUPERAntiSpyware from Windows 7. Although I’m able to get Definition updates, I am unable to get Program updates. When I attempt to get Program updates here’s what happens*: I get the SUPERAntiSpyware Update pop-up window I click on the Download and Install the Updates Now link I get a SUPERAntiSpyware pop-up window that states “You must stop the scan and close the SUPERAntiSpyware main screen before updating.” [This window appears even when the main window screen is not open or when there is no scan running. If there is a scan running, I stop it & if the main window is open, I close it, and then I click the OK button.] Another SUPERAntiSpyware pop-up window appears stating “The update must be done from an account with Administrator privileges.” [This window appears: even though I am running the app from an admin account (I only have 1 acct on my PC & it’s an admin acct, no parental controls); I right-click and select Run as Administrator; I’ve even changed all shortcut and program .exe file permission settings to Run as Administrator.] This occurs no matter which method I use to open any SAS program (via: the taskbar icon; Start-All Programs; “C:\Program Files (x86)\SUPERAntiSpyware\<SAS program name>.exe”; automatic update attempts upon pc startup; etc.). Any suggestions? *For screen-prints of the windows, see attached Word doc 2010.05.18_Unable to get Program updates - Copy.doc
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