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  1. HP laptop, AMD CPU, XP Pro SP3 (Media Center) Administrator account only (no user accounts) Wired Ethernet, ADSL My SAS annual subscriptions expired in July, so I purchased two Pro installations with "Lifetime" subscriptions. I've installed only one thus far. The Auto-Update function has never worked, despite standard settings, modified settings, other experimentation, etc. The updater isn't blocked (no firewall warnings)...it just doesn't engage. Because of problems with the Real-Time protection feature, I've turned Real-Time off. This leaves Auto-Update as the only feature separating the Pro version from the free version. How do I get Auto-Update working? Any Registry settings I should verify?
  2. Formatting entries as YYYY-MM-DD would yield more logical sortation and usable presentation. The ability to order the listings from newest to oldest or from oldest to newest also would be helpful.
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