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  1. Indeed, I notice the x64 version is significantly faster. Can you explain the purpose of RunSAS.exe? Does the x64 support command parameters?
  2. Thanks for your enlightenment.
  3. Hi Seth, Thanks for sharing your valuable personal insight. For some odd reason, both SuperAntivirus and AntiMalware deliberately avoid being labeled as antivirus app. I believe they are. My question is whether both provides sufficient protection. I believe so. I like both products. Both are effective to remove virus. Their effective is no less than AVG and BitDefender. Thanks again.
  4. Again and again, command-line parameters are the best solution to this issue. It's simpler for you to implement. Users are allowed to update/scan at any moment of their choosing. It's much flexible.
  5. Would you believe SuperAntiSpyware suffice for basic security? Would you believe SuperAntiSpyware can replace AVG? Your feedback will be appreciated.
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