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  1. Just went to SAS.com and downloaded 5.6.1012. Ran a scan and all working good. Database 9415 Core 9415 Trace 7227 10/16/2012 Scan ran faster than before. Thanks
  2. The latest I downloaded from SAS.com was listed as 5.6.1010 however after several tries it still shows as Other than that everything is working good.
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  5. I might be wrong, but wasn't v4.40.1002 listed as a pre-release. I was using v4.39.1002, then down-loaded and installed v4.40.1002 and everything is working ok, here on Vista 32Bit.
  6. Thought I would just add this, even though I'm using Windows Vista instead of Win 7. Down-loaded and installed Pro V4.39.1002, then ran full system scan. Everything went smooth. Lots more items scanned over 4.38 and scan time was quite a bit quicker. Forgot to print scan log from 4.38 before I un-installed it, so can't give accurate figures. But 4.39 is working with no problems on Vista 32 Bit, Avast 5.0.545, Outpost Firewall 2009.
  7. Thanks Seth for replying. I realized, in getting SAS Pro to work, that the problems I had in down-loading and installing several other programs was due to being listed as Standard user, instead of Administrator. I just recently switched from Windows XP to Vista, when the XP computer died. When I started using XP, all accounts were created Administrator. But with Vista, any new account is Standard. I never had a problem on XP, just when installing SAS Pro on Vista. I went to User Account on Control Panel, changed from Standard to Administrator, down-loaded and installed SAS Pro, then switched account back to Standard. This way I can't mess things up. Then if I want to do something that Vista thinks is harmful, I would have to switch to Administrator. Just a few more steps, but it explains some things. By the way, SAS Pro is working very good, several scans have been done, and I'm very satisfied. I use SAS Pro, Avast Free 5.0.545, Outpost Firewall 2009, and everything works smooth together. Just an update, as using Vista or newer this might be a thing we don't realize, and save on hair-pulling or using foul language in front of the grand-kids.
  8. I got my problem fixed. Using Vista, I have had to try some things. I checked user privileges, and changed my status to be Administrator instead of just a general user. Sorry about spelling but I think you know what I mean. This seems to have been my problem all along, and when I have looked at forums for some programs I use, most suggestions had to do with registry. But being handicapped and a senior citizen, I am leary about fooling with that. If I have any more problems I'll read this forum first.
  9. I'm new to this so please excuse me. I use Vista and at the moment I use SAS Pro, but to get it to work I use SASSAFERUN.COM after I SAS Free. If I download SAS Pro, I can't go directly to it as I get Error 1606. Using SASSAFERUN.COM allows me to use the Pro, but it would be nice to go directly to Pro instead of going to free first. Thanks for any help.
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