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  1. I have a Lifetime licence and would like to keep using SuperAntiSpyware (of course). My question is this: Is it really necessary now? Windows Defender looks for Malware (is that SpyWare too?). Of course, I suspect it depends on how up-to-date the Microsoft team are with their updating of defender (which seems to be almost daily). Just interested in the thoughts of others. If I do go ahead and re-install on my Windows 10 Home Edition, are there still problems with SAS? (e.g. Lots of false alerts etc?)
  2. I also suddenly get a false warning with the file SPCL01.DLL which is used with the Program "Speaking Clock". I have used this program for years, so I did a search on the Internet and have found numerous posts which say that it is a false detection. These advises come from several unrelated sources spread over some time, so I assume there is nothing underhand happening here. I have recorded the DLL as a "trusted file" at the moment. Do I need to report it to SASW??
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