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  1. I aplogize for being so late in responding. I didn't receive an email notifying me of a reply even though I had subscribed and then I failed to come back and check manually. Ok, I tried your suggestion but this still didn't work. I get the "trail period expired" so I just went back to using the free version. I like the program but I wish I could tell if the automatic update works with this version before I purchase it again. I don't want to spend money and still have to update manually. Thanks for your time and suggestions!
  2. Are we not able to use the trial version if we have been using the free version? First, I uninstalled the free version, rebooted and then installed the trial version but it won't do anything but tell me evaluation period expired. I haven't used the trial version before. Until a few months ago, I was using a paid version but it expired and I didn't renew. I was dissatisfied with the previous version because it would not update automatically. I had to do it manually. I thought I would give the new version a test and see if it had improved but it won't allow it. Is there something I can do to make it work for me?
  3. So it still doesn't update automatically? I had purchased it over a year ago and never got it to update automatically and that was why I purchased it. I went to customer support, etc. but it was never worked out. It expired and I never renewed it because of this. I was hoping they had gotten that fixed but from your post, it doesn't sound as if they have. Again, I was thinking of purchasing it but if I'm going to have to continue updating manually, forget it. Thanks for your info!
  4. I think it would be good for the Automatic update feature to update as virus programs do. They update several times a day or at least each time you're online. It doesn't have to be just when the program starts or every 8 hours. At least this way, if we're not online when the program starts or when the 8 hours are up, it will still update automatically and we wouldn't have to do it manually just like the free version.
  5. That's what I've done but it sounds like I'm out of luck. When I purchased this, I just assumed it would automatically update as virus programs, etc. do but now I understand that if it can't do it when the program starts,etc. it won't do it. My computer isn't connected to the internet all the time so that makes it a little difficult to update. I wish I had known this BEFORE I purchased it. I had tried to install the trial version but it wouldn't let me. It kept telling me "license had expired" when I'd never tried it before. It had gotten such good reviews so I thought I would just go ahead and purchase it anyway. That was a mistake. In order to update it, I'm still having to do it manually. I'm no better off.
  6. Mine still isn't updating automatically. If it gets updated, I have to do it manually. This is disappointing. That is why I purchase it so it would update automatically. Has anyone found a fix for this?
  7. I just purchased SuperAntiSpyware Pro a few days ago so it will update automatically. But, mine isn't updating either. I have to do it manually also. I also use Windows XP. I have just tried the "run as" suggestion but I had already updated it manually right before I found this so I'll have to wait to see if it works. I hope it does. Did it fix yours?
  8. I apologize for this dumb question. I know better than this. I was trying to think on about 3 hours of sleep. Though I've never tried the trial version before, I know that I can't because of it "thinking that I have" and no one can help me here. I use the paid version of Avira Premium 10 and I've read on their support site where they claim that there will be problems with the real time protection in SuperAntiSpyware Pro and Avira. I was hoping to try it first before I purchase it otherwise, I would have purchased it in a heartbeat. Again, sorry for my sleepy stupidity.
  9. I have been using the free version of SuperAntiSpyware for years and decided to download the Professional trial version but I've had nothing but trouble. First, I uninstalled the free version with the Superantispyware uninstaller before I installed the trial version. But, since the first installation, it has been telling me "evaluation period expired". I just downloaded it today. So, I used the uninstaller again and uninstalled the trial version this time. Went into the registry and cleaned up anything that was referring to SuperAntispyware, rebooted, and then installed it again but it didn't change a thing. What is going on? If the trial version is this bad, maybe I had better forget about purchasing the Professional version. I had read such good reviews about it and wanted to try it first. I did a search on these forums but everything I found was about people who had already purchased it and was getting this error. Is this how it's going to be?
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