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  1. Hi redwolfe, Shouldn´t in this case, avast do not detect Eicar either? ___________________________________________________________
  2. Hi, I downloaded the Eicar.com (68 bytes) just after I disabled ALL the avast shields and S.A.S. real time protection never warned about it when I tried to run it, not so with the Trojan simulator that made SAS to pop the warning window, go figure
  3. Hi, Le´s say that I have avast free and SAS Pro running resident, both having real time protection enabled and suddenly they detect the same "nasty" file, what happens? 1.- Do they "freeze" and neither one do warn about the "nasty" file? ... or 2.- Does any of two warn first than the other and which one does it first? ...and lastly 3.- Do they both detect the "nasty" file at the same time giving both their respective warnings? Thanks
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