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  1. Thanks for reply. I do not have this option "Run as Admin " when right click. I use Windows XP Pro SP3 in Admin account and no, the program still refuse to update itself. I have tried to launch the program few seconds after the Internet status was up and running but no more luck. If I log my network there no attempt from SAS to connect the Web. All updates options are ticked into the preferences tab. What can I do more ?
  2. Thanks you. I have already found this tab, But all preferences are ticked - Check every 8 hours -, Check at start of the Program.. etc.. But none of them works. That is annoying. I can leave my PC up and running for days and night, no update. Restarting Windows to force the program to update at start does not work anymore. The only way to update (Just done now) is to use the radio button "update now" on the same tab. I don't know if it's only me ?? How does the update process works ? I don't see any entry into the Windows Task Scheduler. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Glad to be member of this forum. This is my first post, so don't blame me if my question has already been posted..And excuse my so bad English. I bought SUPERAntispyware Pro few days ago. Install went fine on Windows XP SP3. The first update has been made manually by clicking "update now" just after installation. Since then, the program never update itself. There is NO event into the log about updating, and for now I still have the 5/9/2010 defs (Manual update). The program is not blocked by a firewall. I could not find any option how to manage scheduled Updates. Is there such an option.? Thanks to help me.
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