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  1. Thanks that seems to have worked fine. Even though I got error messages while trying to follow the instructions. Now I can just use my Windows 7 installation again. After this experience and reading various articles I have now turned off the automatic quarantine and remove infected file option. I have had too many false positives, both from SAS and my virus scanner. Thanks for the help!
  2. For me the story is mostly the same as the first poster.. Except that the broken fileassociations were taken care off in an automatic scan.. A few hours later more and more programs started to malfunction.. So I rebooted.. After the reboot, Windows started, but no other program were able to start.. each time I tried to start a program it would tell me that there was no program associated with the extension .exe so that I need to install a program that could deal with that extension. So now I have a completely non-functional Windows 7 Ultimate edition 64-bit.. I have a diskimage a few weeks old, but I am still hoping to find a solution to restore the current.. I can't even get SAS to start to let it undo it's damage. I hope that somebody can give me advise to make the programs start again.. I do have a WinPE to access the computer with programs. When booting "normally" I have a network. And for some reason windows explorer is the only program willing to start by itself, but no copying or pasting. I can use explorer to start programs that start by clicking on for example png, jpg, etc files.. So file-associations other than .exe seem intact, but even these programs fail if they try to startup other programs. Please has anybody any idea?
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