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  1. Haha. It would. If I were inclined to ever use what Microsoft narrowly passes off as an operating system I would probably do so. Still, a portable version of Pro might be in order for when I do work on the computers of the misguided
  2. See now you're talking As you can tell by the timestamp on my post it was very late/early when I wrote it. I had been up all night battling a particular rootkit (which your product fixed when malwarebytes couldn't). My post was very rude. You guys have obviously put a lot of work into this. So, I apologize for the demeanor of that post. Good work making a solution that installs in safe mode and thanks for your gracious attitudes in your responses
  3. You guys are kidding right? Have any of you ever removed a virus or malicious piece of software before? Yeah? Then you know that you have to work in safe mode a lot when you're doing that right? And your superdupergrandemondoantispyware app won't even install in safe mode? No... seriously? Well that makes this little app about as useful as friggin MINESWEEPER for malware removal now doesn't it? Kinda like an umbrella that won't open in the rain. PS, yeah I signed up on the forums purely to post this. Ban me. Or better yet go write some code.
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