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  1. Ok thanks Seth, how did you know I was working on my systems performance lol. I was just trying to tweak my system with "The TweakGuides Tweaking Companion" by Koroush Ghazi and got to the part about context menus and wanted to try to keep as little stuff from loading at startup as I could. But if they have no impact on performance ill probably re-enable them. Thanks again for your help , bh
  2. Yes it lists that one under 2 different registry keys and also sasseh.dll also under a different registry key. Is it ok to just uncheck them in Autoruns since unchecking them through the SUPERAntiSpyware preferences does not keep them from loading into explorer.
  3. Hi thank you for the fine product. I've noticed when unticking the "Display scan option in Explorer context (right-click) menu" SAS does not honor it because I can run Sysinternals Autoruns and under the Explorer tab it still shows all the SUPERAntiSpyware items loading up into Explorer. Thanks, bh.
  4. I sure wish you would have been the one helping me when I posted about ZUMIESEARCH. I thought I was infected with it after doing just the custom registry scan with SAS. I'm glad I came back here and searched a few more posts after SAS custom registry scan this morning stopped on C:Documents and Settings\MyUsername\Application Data\SECURITY INSPECTOR 2010. Well at least i'm relieved now knowing it's just an item SuperAntiSpyware is searching for and not something that is in the registry. Maybe this is something SAS users should be made more aware of instead of letting the ending item of a SAS registry scan worry the user. Anyway thanks for clearing this up.
  5. Well even after the SAS program and definition update and still doing a custom scan for the registry only, the last item scanned still is C:\Program Files\ZUMIESEARCH. But since none of the scanners flag it as a threat im going to take your advice and not worry about it. I appreciate your help and advice and thanks for taking the time to reply to me.
  6. Hi Seth,thank you very much for the welcome and replying to my post. Yes I searched all files and folders with the advanced options set to search system folders,search hidden files and folders and search subfolders. I just finished looking through the add/remove program list after reading your reply and I don't see a program called ZUMIESEARCH, afterwards I ticked the box to show updates and still could not find it. I tried searching again with just ZUMIE but still no luck. SuperAntiSpyware found a program update just today (5-7-2010) that it installed then I did the definitions update and a full scan but it hasn't flagged ZUMIESEARCH, maybe i'm just being paranoid because i've ran Avira,SuperAntiSpyware,Malwarebytes-in both regular boot and safemode, also A-Squared Free and none have found an infection. Can malware put something in the registry for use later on even if the program isn't installed? Thanks again for helping me , bushhog. PS I hope im replying correctly and I'm attaching a screenshot of SuperAntiSpyware showing the ZUMIESEARCH program.
  7. Hi Everyone, I've noticed after running the custom scan and only selecting registry the last item scanned was C:\Program Files\ZUMIESEARCH, I have never knowingly downloaded this program, SuperAntiSpyware does not flag this item but after doing a web search it sounds like its malware. I have been trying to locate it on my computer with search,windows explorer,and I have even downloaded RegSeeker to help locate it in the registry with no success at all. I guess my question is, is there any way to find the location that SuperAntiSpyware is finding this item at? And should I be worried about having this entry on my computer? Oh I forgot to mention I do not have any files hidden in folder option, I've looked in that exact location C:\Program Files\ZUMIESEARCH and there is no such file showing up there. Any help or advice appreciated, Thanks. bushhog
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