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  1. The definition update 15833 does no work like the previous one. Does anyone check to see if the update is functional before release?
  2. For the past several days the updates have not downloaded or updated. There is something wrong with the definition that is suppose to be the most recent. I tried to do it manually and the update was for the previous update. This is becoming a problem for subscribers of your software. I really hope that this can be resolved in the very near future. This also happens over the weekend. Sometimes there is no update for the entire weekend. I don't think the hackers and others take the weekend off. This has to get better.
  3. Just updated to the newest definition update 15601. The program did the update itself. Go figure....
  4. The definition updates have not occurred since Friday. I know there is a weather problem but, what's the deal with the updates? The definition was 15433 on Thursday and it changed to 15435 on Friday and it has been that way since. Any possible explanation? Any sort of Notice would be appreciated.
  5. Have been trying to update the definition update and there is an error. The Download Is Incomplete and does not finish and tries to re-download the definition. In all cases the definition does not update and the process stops without updating the definition. This has been happening since yesterday evening. Look at the Definition Update Signature Date it hasn't changed since the error started.
  6. There are no updates this weekend or mostly any other. Every time you open SAS and try to update or not the update says it was just updated. A flaw in the program? It is just a deceptive way on keeping less literate computer users in the dark. Like they say what you do in the dark always comes to light. Kenw isn't concerned about what the scans don't find. It finds more that cookies, but to some that is the extent of their knowledge of the program itself. What Kenw doesn't realize he is paying annually for services not always rendered. I'm sure ProTruckDriver knows about the empty wagon?
  7. Can't be accidental because it happens just about every weekend. If the Indians can't cut the mustard may be a look at the Chief's who are collecting free money for services not rendered. I guess that is why I'm glad that I am a Lifetime Subscriber. May be there will be a shake up in the supervisory level. Indians only perform when directed by their Chief. There has been very little QA since the change over.
  8. I noticed that this morning. This entire weekend there wasn't a single update until earlier this morning. Since the product has changed hands there have been fewer program updates and the same with definition updates over the weekend. I guess they think the hackers take the weekend off?
  9. It was not causing a physical problem but it just seemed strange for SAS to report the incorrect version of Windows. Will be waiting on the next version of SAS to correct Microsoft's error. Thanks for the speedy reply....
  10. I updated my version of Windows to the latest version of Windows 10 Home. I just noticed that the scan results reports that I am using Windows 8. Here is a example of the results displayed in the scan logs since the update. Is this a glitch in SAS? SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log https://www.superantispyware.com Generated 08/05/2015 at 04:39 AM Application Version : 6.0.1204 Database Version : 11998 Scan type : Complete Scan Total Scan Time : 00:38:56 Operating System Information Windows 8 64-bit (Build 6.02.9200) UAC On - Limited User Memory items scanned : 1083 Memory threats detected : 0 Registry items scanned : 66555 Registry threats detected : 0 File items scanned : 72875 File threats detected : 0 ============ End of Log ============ Every since the update the operating system displays the wrong one on both of my computers.
  11. You are more than welcome. I really like the program and it actually does what it says. I've been a user since September 09. That may tell you something with all of the other products out there on the market. Nick would be proud.....
  12. I see that most of the problems with the new release have been fixed with the latest version Douglas9 I would go ahead and download and install the new version manually. I found it's a lot faster than waiting to get it automatically. You've paid for the update why not use the latest iteration? Be sure to follow the process for updating, uninstall using SASUNINST64.EXE or what ever your computer architecture is, reboot, install new version, reboot after setup.This is the process I use to keep the installation clean.
  13. I downloaded from the site that you referenced in the hopes that they would have fixed the problems by now. Low and behold it's doing the same thing as the originally downloaded version last week. The only difference I see in the program is the size 26.64MB from first download and now 26.66MB, same version for both. I submitted a CSR on the 14th and it still has not been reviewed. Good thing my subscriptions are for a Lifetime.The Automatic Program Update has always run late, by the time I see there is an update available I will already be running the new version.
  14. You could have been more original in your post and may be come up with some other things you supposedly found wrong. Just changing Revo Uninstaller for the one I use. I guess that you didn't submit a CSR for your findings? If this was a novel or some other literary piece you could be sued. The variety of a problem brings attention to the issue, not a good thing to duplicate someones post and call it your own.
  15. I saw there was a new version listed on Major Geeks and Freeware Files website. I downloaded the new version from your website (Professional Download) I uninstalled the previous version with Geek Uninstaller. Like I always have in the past. I then ran SASUNINST64.EXE, then it rebooted. After reboot I installed the new version Pro. I was doing the setup and when I got to the Task Scheduler menu page no task were available. No Scheduled Scanning option or Automatic Update option. The bottom right Scheduled Scanning, and Automatic Updates were set to Disable All for both categories was grayed out with no choice that could be changed.In Scanning and Program Preferences some menu items under General and Startup could not be changed. Same in the other menu's on that tabbed page (Scanning Control, Real Time Protection, and other tabs could not be changed). I don't know what caused these problems with the new version but it's very depressing to have to uninstall, reboot then reinstall then you find out the new version has problems and you have to repeat the same process to place the older version that works back on the computer. I submitted a Support Request CSR00114576 and I'm anxiously awaiting a reply. Has anyone else had this sort of problem with the new version?
  16. The problem fixed itself with another update the same morning. The Core and Trace data is in the first post. The fix that solved the problem was an update with only one item listed in the detection box of the update. I realize that it is hard to check on past occurrences of this problem. Let me say first, I am a retired military veteran of two wars. I use my computer daily to stay in touch with other family members and other vets that are connected to me by military service. I cannot remember the time in the near past where there have been four updates in any one day that I can recall. Take today for instance there has been only one update all day today. Check the Definition Database Page. I'm on my computer at different times during the day and there has not been four updates that I can recall. I realize that today is a holiday and this past weekend there were only one update these days Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today. Does the program definition database update without changing the Core and Trace signature numbers? If I I am missing the other updates they put out where do they post them? I'm not trying to cause any problems but the updates speak for themselves. Just monitor the definition database like I do. I look at the update and click on the link that shows what is included in the update. Today there is only one listing like the other days of the week. I would just like for someone to oversee and monitor this process. I don't think a support ticket will fix the problem because most request go unanswered unless a member of this Forum tries to help another user. I don't usually post anything unless I feel there is no attention delegated to the problem.
  17. The reason that I didn't do a support ticket is for the same reason listed in the previous comments. The problem being then that like I stated it took eight hours or more for the program definition update to be completed. I see that you didn't read the previous post or you would have known what the problem was. It is plain and simple for me to understand, there doesn't seem to be any oversight or interest in the continuation of the program. Program updates have become slow and the program definition update process use to be every eight hours and now it down to just about once a day. What you you like for the support ticket to say? That there are seemingly unconcerned staff, no quality control, lack of supervision, no attention to detail and it seems like that cries for help in this forum are not important. What is the Moderators job here? He does not read the Forum and discuss the stated comments with others that could be of help in resolving some non tech support issues. Instead there are replies that have nothing to do with the issue at hand. Why bother? I have two (2) Lifetime Subscriptions and for as long as the company is solvent I will continue to speak out. May be before to long Management will start looking here for some answers to some very simple questions.
  18. You want me to fill out a support ticket because the engineers are not completing the definition database update process? On the homepage under Definition Database, Click here and you will see the file has been updating since I first got on the computer this morning around 7:00 AM CST. What should I put on the support ticket as being the problem? Many years ago I did some computer work. (Tech Support), and we had a phrase that used the letters P I C N I C. the letters stand for Problem In Chair Not In Computer. We sort of worked by this and it was amazing how much work we got accomplished with the right crew. Just a suggestion.
  19. I know it's an old subject but the update process needs a lot of work. Just for example today the definition has been updating for the past six (6) hours and minutes. It has not completed since definition Core 10877 Trace 8689 dated 7 November. If you are trying to go out of business or have people loose faith in a good product just keep doing what you are doing. Every since Support.com took over this program it has been in the crapper. Looks like it's on a downhill spiral? May be this needs to be brought to the attention of management. May be a shake up in employment status could bring new life to this program? Doesn't seem like anyone is concerned where this is going to end? I can assure you it will not be prosperous for many. It's really a damn shame for such a great product to just peter out.
  20. I have the same problem with the same file. I know that the problem is the definition update. It has happened several times in the past and the same excuse was given. There is no quality assurance with these definition that are disitributed by SAS. The engineers that are working to remedy the solution should be drawing Workman's Compensation for a job that is surely out of their league. It has been a problem among others that this company has experienced since the company changed hands. This new crew really needs to go back to the drawing board and pick up what they missed in the first classes. When a program is suppose to detect and prevent malicious spyware, malware and others from being installed does it itself with the definition updates that are supposedly screened by professional engineers distributes the problem, there is a serious problem here. How can you trust a program that does this continously? This use to be a really trustworthy piece of software before the change over. Excuses are one thing but when it continously happens what are reegistered users with Lifetime Subscriptions suppose to do? The lack of quality control, poor administration of policies lead to companies loosing respect and trust from paid subscribers. All of the comments that I have read over the months have become tiresome. The engineers are working to fix the problem. It seems to me the engineers are the problem. If there is no quality control over these definition updates lead to numerous false positives. Poor definition updates on the weekend where you may only get one a day and then it's flawed. May be management needs to reevaluate the people to see if they are truly qualified to perform this job? It is just like preaching to the choir, nothing is ever resolved. The lack of Tech Support is another problem, but let's just stay with the one at hand. The lack of program updates, bad definitions, lack of Tech Support, and excuses have become to commonplace. Just pat them on the head and the buck keeps passing on. It is a real pain when you have to stop and try and see what the problem is with the complete scans that scan one day and all is fine and scan the next day with the same definition then there are items detected. Piss poor way to run a business.
  21. There hasn't been an definition update for two (2) consecutive days. I don't know what the problem may be but it's totally unsatisfactory for a paid subscription. Every since the company changed hands it has continually gone down hill. Before to long the only subscribers that you will have will be the people who purchased a Lifetime Subscription before you took over. Who would buy a program that is suppose to protect their machines and there has been a problem with definition updates from the start? Let's not mention Program Updates which have become nonexistant. Seems like the management would have come to the realization that this crew and it's menions don't have what it takes to provide the services that has been paid for by loyal persons who believed in this program. It has gathered momentium like a snow ball rolling down hill. Hopefully before to long the management will take a look at what is not getting done and may be they will have a solution to put this program back in the green. Most people have moved on to something else as you can tell by the recent post. The Forum has become a sounding board and nothing else. I remember when I first got excited about this program and recommended it to all of my computer friends, and now they all have moved on to something else. A company can't succeed when their product isn't competitive with others of the same calibur. Programs of less calibur have noted increases in sales, not because they have a better program but they consider the loyal people who invest and try to provide the best support possible. All you get here is excuses, lip service, and reasons why that or this isn't happening. It has gotten old and from the looks of the Forum post people don't complain any more they just use something else. Thanks for helping the competition sell millions of copies.
  22. Just checked and the definition database has been corrected and can be updated. Thanks for the fast resolution to this situation.
  23. Just tried to update to definition database Core: 10445 and Trace: 8257. Received error saying update failed. There is something wrong with the definition update file. Since the are few updates on the weekend this needs to be addressed immediately. The scan conducted used the definition database core: 10444 trace:8256 from 05/24/2013 from the day before. There is not enough going on to cause this because this is the only thing that is really important since updates to the program are as scarce as chicken's teeth. Is there no way to validate a definition update before it's posted for download?
  24. Wouldn't it have been jusat as easy to state this in your first post with the screen shots? It is par for the course for the developers to be short sighted and not correct this error or atleast own up to it? To error is human but not to own up is really dumb. This whole topic would not be needed if someone with some common sense had spoken up instead of playing along. Some people's kid's.....
  25. I state my original question again. Where on the site did you find the download link for the latest version. The screen shot was great but the question is still unanswered.
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