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  1. I have disconnected my infected laptop as my ISP informed me it send out hundreds of spam emails in a short period (without my knowledge and with no emails in the Sent Box) and in fact they temporarily disabled my entire internet service for this reason. I'm back online now, with another computer. To run the SUPERAntiSpyware Online Diagnostic Tool / Super Ad Blocker, I'd obviously need to reconnect, but I'm nervous that laptop will start spewing spam out again without my knowledge - and that my ISP will cut me off again. Any advice on this? Do you know if those kind of infections can send that mass quantity out in the time it would take to run the diagnostic? Background: I was infected with trojan/malware on Tuesday, including the false XP Internet Defender Alert (didn't fall for that), Vundo, TROJAN.AGENT.GEN, TROJAN.SPY etc. and SAS helped clear some of it (also Malwarebytes/Combofix and others) but SAS is still finding infections daily, apparently clearing them, but they reappear on next bootup/scan. Thank you for any thoughts - or if I should just give in and take laptop to computer shop.
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