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  1. Ok here is what it took to get rid of it. I had to boot into safe mode to run Spybot Search and Destroy. Then I rebooted into normal mode and installed rkill and malwarebytes in succession from a thumb drive and ran them in that order. That seemed to do the trick.
  2. I cannot run any programs on my computer due to a program called antivirus soft. It disables all my programs, email, antivirus, etc. It pretends to be an antivirus program and wants me to buy it. I cannot run SAS on this machine, so I downloaded the portable app on a thumb drive. My computer can only run it in safe mode due to interference from antivirus soft. For some reason, I can only get in safe mode with msconfig. I am using XP-Pro 64 bit. So I get into safe mode after rebooting and run SAS portable. It tells me it has found rogue antivirus soft. I go ahead and click next to remove/quarantine it. It seems to be removed, but when I reboot into non-safe mode, it is back again. I am sending this of course from a different computer, not the infected one. Thanks for any help that can be given me.
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